DIY PT-Actuator Three Axis Motion Kit


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This is a complete professional motion kit for just about any simulator! These produce almost no sound and are supported by SimTools and many other simulation software on the market.

This amazing kit includes:

  • 3 x 750 watt Servo Driven PT Actuators (Speed: 250 mm/s, Force: 330 lbs, Stroke: 150 mm)
  • 3 x Actuator Motor Mounting Brackets
  • 3 x Actuator Floor Cups
  • 1 x 3 in 1 MDbox Servo Driver (750 watt x 3)
  • 1 x Thanos Custom Made Interface Controller
  • 1 x Motor Controller
  • Cables and Hookup Wires
  • Three year manufacturer warranty

This kit is made to run on 110 or 220 voltage power.

Please note that this item ships directly from China. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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Additional information

Weight130 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 24 in


Actuator with Magnetic Limit Switch PT1605BX3:

  1. Electrical cylinder screw: 1605
  2. Mode: PT16
  3. Stroke: 150mm
  4. Speed: 250mm/s
  5. Force: 330 lbs
  6. Volt: 220AC 60 HZ with rubber joint

Servo Motor Driver and Motor X1:

  1. Servo Motor Driver: 3 in 1
  2. Sound Vibration
  3. Servo Motor: 750W


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